Mental Health Discussion: Understanding Your Responsibility for Technology

You like technology as much as everybody else does. That is because of the convenience of its excellent services. It allows you to live life with less hassle as you work on a daily task. It provides you with a better process and access to almost everything. But with all the convenience brought to you by its smart innovations, have you ever considered its technological impact on your overall wellness? Have you not asked yourself about the possible damage of technology depending too much on it? Are you aware of how it can ruin your life and others? If not, then you should start understanding every bit of your technological responsibility.

What Does It Mean To Be Technologically Responsible?

Research shows that as an individual, it is customary to yearn for convenience. But it is essential to understand that it is your moral action and responsibility to utilize all kinds of modern innovation in a way that will not affect any of the following:


Physical Health – Physical damage is one of the everyday things that can happen when you get too attached to technological use. Understandably, you want convenience. But without constant movement, your human condition and body will deteriorate faster than you can imagine. The less you become physically active, the shorter your life span gets. That is due to its effect on your vision, hearing, back, and neck strain. So, instead of focusing on technological convenience, why not focus on the starting point and use it to your physical advantage? Many devices indeed help in maintaining your physical wellness. There are treadmills, stationary bikes, steps, and so on. Mostly, these are a couple of stuff you can find in a fitness gym. There are also some apps that you can download from the internet that can assess your physical needs and tell you what workout preference suits you best. And if you love playing computer games, there are also some particular sports games you can choose from.


Emotional Health – If you think that technology has nothing to do with your emotional health, you are not looking through it. It affects that emotional aspect due to the involvement of self-isolation. When you get caught up using technology, it can disable your ability to reflect and be aware of things around you. The possibility of emotional numbness is at risk. In some unfortunate instances, tech innovation can impact the way you see yourself, especially if you spend more time on social media. You get to invalidate your worth and become less confident because of so many so-called influencers on the internet that might trigger your insecurities. Thus, all of which can lead you to feel empty, sad, and unworthy. It would be best that instead of feeling bad about yourself, you should use the key feature of innovation to promote awareness. Use social media to encourage everyone not to think they are alone in experiencing an emotional crisis. Reach out to individuals who can help you and talk to those who need help, too. There are personal data available that you can use.


Mental Health – Research shows that technology is known for its capability to make your life better. It is innovative, globally used, and widely convenient. However, the evolution of its function has gone a long way and seems to trap you in some situations you never expected. At times, you might see it as an average power demand to help you get through a task in a fast, comfortable, and reliable way. Thus, you depend on it as often as you want, and that’s part of human action. But that particular dependence can mean and develop into something. Technology can be very destructive as it can change the way you see aspects of things around you. Not only can it make you want instant gratification, but it can also cause you severe mental illness such as clinical depression, anxiety, and addiction. It would be better not to spend too much time with innovative systems or continuously rely on them. You might at least consider focusing on doing things without its help from time to time. It is your responsibility to allow yourself to have more options and stay away from digital devices and focus on social interaction if you must. Try to control and limit your usage if ever you can.


Social Awareness – Part of your responsibility development is to educate yourself about technology’s future impact on your life, whether good or bad. You need to understand the unintended consequences of their excessive usage of whatever device they are addicted to. And since most human beings in society, like you, are hooked to the digital interface, you need to set yourself as an example to others who might be involved and dealing with mental health issues because of such technology addiction. Of course, you do not need to force yourself to believe in new things you do not want. But allowing yourself to recognize the harmful effects of the industrial world revolution in your life is necessary so you can focus on life management. You might never know. You may thank yourself for doing it a favor and saving it from the physical, emotional, and mental side effects of too much use of innovation. It is your social responsibility to take care of yourself.

If in case you’re having problems, seek support and professional advice.

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