Before And After – Technology’s Impact On Family Relationship

The evolution of technology already came a long way. And by now, humanity is enjoying the benefits it gives. There is communication, transportation, construction, education, and even lifestyle habits. Technology has been making a great effort in changing how people live their lives as of this current generation. However, as it continues to innovate, so does its impact. Allow me to enlighten you a little bit about the implications of technology in a family relationship.


Traveling Back To History

Back in centuries ago, technological innovations are limited to industrial use only. Thus, most of the time, families spend quality moments at the park, zoo, and other public places filled with lots of people. You can see kids playing outside on the streets. They bond and interact with the environment, and they connect with everyone and communicate with people very much often. During these decades ago, things are a lot more different. People are physically active. They frequently went on a hike, ride a bike, and sometimes just spend time greeting neighbors a few feet from their lawn. On some occasions, most families focus on better spending their leisure time. Thus, they prefer reading, gardening, decorating, cooking, and so on. It is as if everything they do is all about stuff that somehow turns out to be something productive.

Surely, there are technologies that people use back in the days. The most popular ones are television, telephone, radio, and the ones alike. However, those things are merely for the sake of technological appreciation. People way back in history seldom use it because they prefer to be outside their homes. That explains why they love spending time with nature. They prefer camping in the forest, swimming on the beach, and hiking in the mountains.  On special events, most families were more into gatherings. They love preparing food for relatives, friends, and neighbors. Everyone loves to spend time exchanging conversations with people.


You see, decades ago, technology is not that impactful. In fact, people view it as something one should use only when needed. It does not take too much of anyone’s time, not forcing anyone to take technological responsibility, and does not contribute to any amount of developmental issues, especially for the physical and mental aspects.

The Inevitable Change

Going back to a couple of years where only half of the world can afford technology, things are somehow different, but okay. There are quite a few people who undoubtedly want to consider working on industrious things. These people are still capable of appreciating the old lifestyle. For them, nothing beats the habit of doing things productively. That explains why half of the world’s families that time are more self-aware. They are still capable of knowing what is essential and what is not. Thus, their view of technology is nothing more than a piece of item useful for enhanced daily work. When you think about it, families are still spending time and having meaningful conversations together.


But as time progress, people develop a lot of great things with technology. One of the most popular items includes the smartphone, computer, and the internet. Right now, everything revolves around these specific technological innovations. And looking at how it impacts family relationships nowadays is quite alarming and devastating. From parents to children, everyone prefers technology. It changes the way families communicate with each other. It somehow creates an imaginary barrier that hinders them from looking, feeling, and understanding each other well.

Honestly, technological innovations become quite a struggling issue these days. That is because individuals believe that they can no longer live without it. It becomes hard for them to get on with their lives without their computers and smartphones. In some unfortunate instances, some of them think that it means the end of the world when there is no internet access. People are too overwhelmed with the convenience of technology that they often ignore the damages of its unrestricted usage. With all these anxiety and frustrations, the rise of physical, emotional, and mental problems become apparent. As of this moment, there is no stopping technological advancement. The world is moving forward to changing how people live and consume their remaining lives. That is regardless of the negative impacts.



You might not view it the way I do, but it is not technology that causes all of these physical, emotional, and mental issues that people are dealing with in the first place. It is the opposite. It is the people’s unhealthy desire to live life without lifting a finger. It is the ideology that convenience should always come first before exerting any amount of effort into doing something. It is the damaging thoughts of individuals who prefer to sit back and wait instead of contributing something to the betterment and productivity of a specific task. It is the people’s misinterpretation of technological use.

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