6 Useful Apps That You Can Download To Make Your Quarantine Period Extra Productive

Now that we’re spending most of our time in our homes, there are more opportunities to try new things. This trying time has led us to fall out of our routines as our usual go-to’s got restricted to the bedroom. It’s unclear how long this situation will last, so it’s time to adapt to this new normal. One good way to do this is by downloading new apps.

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According to Todd B. Kashdan, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at George Mason University, “It is easier to be resilient when you are doing work that is profoundly meaningful.”

In this digital world, we can take advantage of many free apps available for download on our mobile devices. Aside from popular games and streaming apps (check some top apps & games in this wii games page), some apps can help us boost our productivity. These apps are exceptional in keeping us entertained while not wasting our precious time.

Here is a list of mobile apps that you can download to help you get through this quarantine. These apps range from learning apps, note-taking apps, cooking apps, fitness apps, etc.


Learn a new language in minutes! Duolingo is a language-learning platform that allows you to study vocabulary and sentence patterns in a game-like way. The app also features language-proficiency assessment exams to test how much you’ve learned. It involves incentives and rewards along the way that keeps learning exciting. 

Duolingo allows you to learn smart while keeping engaged. It is highly essential, especially for people who have a low attention span. You can download the apps for free, or you can also go to their website. If you want to level up your learning, you can also pay for a premium version.

MyTraining Workout Tracker Log

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Since it is advisable not to go to the gym at this time, fitness apps are a great way to keep moving. MyTraining is an app that features training videos from professional coaches. It also features a routine log and a calendar feature to track your routine. Furthermore, you can even speak with a certified fitness coach if you have a question through the apps’ chat feature. It is a helpful way to keep you engaged with your fitness journey.


Now is also a time to get started with cooking. If you’ve been used to ordering fast food, you can start learning through cooking apps.

SuperFood is a cooking platform that has a health-focused approach. It boasts a selection of delicious and healthy recipes that are easy to cook and a grocery list builder. The app features nutritional information for every dish with a built-in nutritional diary and calorie counter. Hence, it also allows you to track your dietary goals and eat healthily. You can download this app for free!

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Being stuck at home should not equate to disconnection. Nextdoor is a platform that allows you to connect with your “neighbors.” Here, you can exchange helpful information and services with trusted people in the hub. The app makes it safe to share essential information that can help faster dissemination. Nextdoor ensures the safety of the platform through its highly-secured encryption. 

Stop, Breathe & Think

Finally, a well-rested mind is what makes a productive mind. This meditation app can ease your mind amidst this situation that we are facing. Here, you can check-in and evaluate your physical and emotional state. Based on the result of the evaluation, the app will formulate a tailored list of activities. It includes brief meditations and guided breathing exercises.

The activities in the app have a brief length that is helpful to ease the mind in a quick time. The categories of these activities involve grief, compassion, grief, and patience.


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Evernote is the ultimate note-taking productivity app. It is a highly popular platform that combines many features in one. You can list down your tasks in the app to keep your schedule organized and easy-to-follow. It includes a feature where you can add pictures to your note for better engagement. You can also record voice reminders and take notes simultaneously, making it handy for note-taking. 

Furthermore, you can sync it across multiple devices that allow you to have access to your schedule anytime, anywhere.


As we find ourselves restricted to the corners of our home, we face new ways to navigate areas in life. It includes adopting new approaches and improving our learning, fitness, cooking, etc. during this time. Digital applications give us a chance to utilize our time well. This extra time that we have provides us with an opportunity for personal growth and development. Amidst the overwhelming situation that we are facing, there are many ways to make the best of it.

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