Technology And Its Negative And Positive Impacts


Perhaps you already know a lot about the internet of things, Big data processes, data analytics, and even software development. That is because, in today’s world, technology is the number one source of convenience and progress. It is as if it controls the whole system of the world when it comes to economic development and industrial growth. That is not all. Technology serves its purpose in providing people with convenience and advance level of function. However, there is always a downside to every inch of its development. Let’s try and talk about technology’s positive and negative impacts.

“There is also little doubt that all of the new technologies, led by the Internet, are shaping the way we think in ways obvious and subtle, deliberate and unintentional, and advantageous and detrimental.” –Jim Taylor Ph.D.



  • One significant advantage of technology is the comfortability and access to communication. Getting in touch with friends and family, and other individuals are way more efficient and convenient nowadays. That is because some devices and applications help in providing that.
  • “I believe most of these fear-mongering claims about technology are rubbish. There are several common myths of technology addiction that deserve to be debunked by actual research.” That is according to Christopher J. Ferguson Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Technology opens an excellent possibility of earning money from working at home. It builds a connection from different people all over the world which also helps in securing the virtual working relationship. It allows a more convenient setup that focuses on the number of production instead of physical presence.
  • Brilliant use of technology also focuses on helping the business to gain competitive advantages in the market. It includes obtaining more customers, having product research, and improved services. Industries and companies are using technological strategies to win indirect and direct business operations.
  • The technology incorporated in healthcare provides the most considerable advantage of saving lives. With the assistance of advanced tools and equipment, healthcare procedures receive less delay. It also promises better results from an accurate diagnosis of signs and symptoms.
  • The most significant help of technology is educational advancement. It supports more comfortable and faster research that helps students in learning. It caters to the requirements of those people who don’t have the financial stability to support education.



  • As much as people love technology, its capability in accessing a lot of information is dangerous. There are pornography and violence everywhere. People can use damaging information to control even the most manageable situation. 
  • Technology has a hard time processing cybersecurity. In unfortunate cases, its lack of privacy destroys people. That is because addresses and other personal information are out on the web and are a few clicks away from the keyboard.
  • With regards to web safety, some viruses penetrate any computer systems. The goal of that is to reach information beneficial for blackmail and cyber extortion. Though not all viruses are like that, the idea of its malicious inputs should never receive less attention
  • In this generation, technological damage also takes place in the form of cyberbullying. Since it is pretty much impossible to get a hold of the people behind the computer, it becomes easier for them to create massive cyber destruction. Also “It has been found that prolonged and unmonitored technology usage can impact children on the cognitive, psychosocial, and psychological levels.” says Jyothsna Bhat, PsyD.
  • As much as people rely on technological convenience, their mental state receives no quality of exemption. That is the reason why addiction becomes rampant in all aspects of innovation’s use.

The positive and negative things about technology can go on. As humans, we have to thank technology for the convenience and better way of living. But are we prepared for future destruction? Think about it.

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