6 Useful Apps That You Can Download To Make Your Quarantine Period Extra Productive

Now that we’re spending most of our time in our homes, there are more opportunities to try new things. This trying time has led us to fall out of our routines as our usual go-to’s got restricted to the bedroom. It’s unclear how long this situation will last, so it’s time to adapt to this new normal. One good way to do this is by downloading new apps.

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According to Todd B. Kashdan, Ph.D., a professor of psychology at George Mason University, “It is easier to be resilient when you are doing work that is profoundly meaningful.”

In this digital world, we can take advantage of many free apps available for download on our mobile devices. Aside from popular games and streaming apps (check some top apps & games in this wii games page), some apps can help us boost our productivity. These apps are exceptional in keeping us entertained while not wasting our precious time.

Here is a list of mobile apps that you can download to help you get through this quarantine. These apps range from learning apps, note-taking apps, cooking apps, fitness apps, etc.


Learn a new language in minutes! Duolingo is a language-learning platform that allows you to study vocabulary and sentence patterns in a game-like way. The app also features language-proficiency assessment exams to test how much you’ve learned. It involves incentives and rewards along the way that keeps learning exciting. 

Duolingo allows you to learn smart while keeping engaged. It is highly essential, especially for people who have a low attention span. You can download the apps for free, or you can also go to their website. If you want to level up your learning, you can also pay for a premium version.

MyTraining Workout Tracker Log

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Since it is advisable not to go to the gym at this time, fitness apps are a great way to keep moving. MyTraining is an app that features training videos from professional coaches. It also features a routine log and a calendar feature to track your routine. Furthermore, you can even speak with a certified fitness coach if you have a question through the apps’ chat feature. It is a helpful way to keep you engaged with your fitness journey.


Now is also a time to get started with cooking. If you’ve been used to ordering fast food, you can start learning through cooking apps.

SuperFood is a cooking platform that has a health-focused approach. It boasts a selection of delicious and healthy recipes that are easy to cook and a grocery list builder. The app features nutritional information for every dish with a built-in nutritional diary and calorie counter. Hence, it also allows you to track your dietary goals and eat healthily. You can download this app for free!

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Being stuck at home should not equate to disconnection. Nextdoor is a platform that allows you to connect with your “neighbors.” Here, you can exchange helpful information and services with trusted people in the hub. The app makes it safe to share essential information that can help faster dissemination. Nextdoor ensures the safety of the platform through its highly-secured encryption. 

Stop, Breathe & Think

Finally, a well-rested mind is what makes a productive mind. This meditation app can ease your mind amidst this situation that we are facing. Here, you can check-in and evaluate your physical and emotional state. Based on the result of the evaluation, the app will formulate a tailored list of activities. It includes brief meditations and guided breathing exercises.

The activities in the app have a brief length that is helpful to ease the mind in a quick time. The categories of these activities involve grief, compassion, grief, and patience.


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Evernote is the ultimate note-taking productivity app. It is a highly popular platform that combines many features in one. You can list down your tasks in the app to keep your schedule organized and easy-to-follow. It includes a feature where you can add pictures to your note for better engagement. You can also record voice reminders and take notes simultaneously, making it handy for note-taking. 

Furthermore, you can sync it across multiple devices that allow you to have access to your schedule anytime, anywhere.


As we find ourselves restricted to the corners of our home, we face new ways to navigate areas in life. It includes adopting new approaches and improving our learning, fitness, cooking, etc. during this time. Digital applications give us a chance to utilize our time well. This extra time that we have provides us with an opportunity for personal growth and development. Amidst the overwhelming situation that we are facing, there are many ways to make the best of it.

Four Key Roles Of Technology During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on every country. Now, we live in a new normal where strict compliance with social distancing is crucial in keeping the virus from spreading. The need to stay away from each other physically created barriers against ease of communication, data collection, and information dissemination. Technology defies all these walls. Suddenly, technology is what keeps the world running.

All sectors of society have turned to technology to win the battle against COVID-19. Aside from communication, technology, together with its advancement, has been one of the most valuable resources today. We listed four key roles where technology has become helpful during this pandemic.

Information Dissemination

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Strict social distancing has resulted in a change in how the news is collected and disseminated. Because of the risk of acquiring the virus, fewer men are sent to the field to gather information. However, technology has allowed information to travel fast, even with fewer human resources.

The pandemic showed us that news anchors could deliver information even from their houses. We have also seen how interviews can now be done through video conferencing while simultaneously broadcasting. The ease of information transfer is possible because of the internet. Nowadays, we no longer receive the news through newspapers nor the television; we now utilize social media and messaging applications to receive and transfer information.

Data Gathering And Processing

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Data collection is essential during the pandemic. The health sector has to identify the people infected by the virus, their location, and the people they were in contact with. Employing contact tracing will help control the proliferation of the infection. Several mobile application developers have created a more efficient and convenient way to do this.

Mobile applications can now track and trace people who are  COVID-19 patients and those who were in contact with them. Mobile apps save authorities time from interviewing the patient and trying to look for people who may have contracted the virus.

Aside from contact tracing, technology has been useful in processing the data collected. Data processing is as necessary as the data gathered. The aid of technology during the pandemic may be in determining the number of patients infected or creating projections to help the government to prepare for what else could come.

The influx of patients in hospitals and the risks it imposes to patients have also been a problem for the health sector. To lessen the risk of infection, consulting a doctor is now done with the help of technology. Because of the pandemic, patients are encouraged to consult their doctors through calls or mobile applications.

Patients who are not in critical condition may now stay and treat their health at home. Staying at home decreased the possibility of being infected or even spreading the virus. The advancement of technology has made more efficient and effective ways of dealing with the pandemic.

Economic Progress

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The requirement to stay at home for work has been more natural because of technology. Industries that can function from remote areas can still operate during the pandemic. The survival of businesses is vital to keep the economy afloat. Moreover, this allows people to keep their jobs and provide for their families. Technology will enable employees to perform during these trying times. Some companies have even offered gadgets to make work from home arrangement productive.

The pandemic also created an increase in demand for foodservice providers. The order to stay at home encouraged more people to subscribe to not only food delivery services but also those applications which allow you to purchase groceries online and have them delivered right at your doorstep. Life in quarantine has become more convenient because of these service providers that are also powered by technology.

Keeping In Touch

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Weeks in isolation might be difficult for our mental health. Even if we have been using technology to communicate, primarily through our smartphones, the need to stay in touch with our loved ones has become more evident more than ever. Technology has made connecting with our families and friends from all over the world possible.

The COVID-19 pandemic is not only a challenge to the health sector. Erwin Tan, M.D., says that “Family and friends will need to work together to make sure they can remain connected without exposing each other to COVID-19. Look at your schedule and identify social connections that might be disrupted during an outbreak and consider alternative solutions to stay connected.”

With this in mind, everyone needs to contribute to our fight against COVID-19. Together, with the aid of technology, we will emerge triumphantly.

Is The Modern World Making Us Mentally Ill?

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There is no question that the modern world consists of a lot of beautiful things that help us in many ways. That is because it has the basics of technology and innovation. Some industries supply food, cars that support transportation, and smart devices that provide communication and convenience. The truth is, there is nothing much we can complain. However, what a lot of us pretty much do not seem to pay attention is the modern world’s powerful gear to cause mental illness. There are high levels of anxiety and low-levels of depression for that matter.

The Features Of Technological Modernity

According to UA Huntsville psychologist Pavica Sheldon, ““They live their lives immersed in technology, surrounded by cell phones, computers, videogames, digital music players and video cams,” Sheldon said. “We need to understand not just how they use these new tools, but how they are affected by them. Topics such as cyber bullying, addiction to cyber porn, and overall addiction to Internet games are something we need to study more.” We all can agree that there is no way anyone of us can stop modernization. That is why, instead of not wanting it, we tend to embrace and appreciate it. That is, regardless of its psychological, disturbing effects. However, the features of modernity seem pretty much unstable. Yes, each one of them has a potential cure. But we can only collectively put it into action once we get to know more about the psychological condition.

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Meritocracy – Society proves that those individuals with more money, talents, and guts, control the world. However, the downside of this liberating idea depends on a person perceived as incapable. If an individual cannot sustain its contribution to the growth of the world, then he gets considered an invalid piece due to his lack of talent and laziness. But this one’s a bit indefinite because we can all rely on two different ideas – luck and tragedy.

Individualism – Individualism functions very well in a technological society. It is where everyone is capable of achieving everything because they are capable of controlling things in a click away. For this case, it is not the community that matters, but rather the mental and emotional strength of someone who is focused and determined. Everything about this whole ideology disregards great and ordinary life because modernity becomes way better.

“As adults, we have leveraged technology to accomplish amazing things in our lives: we do our work, manage our social lives, consume news and entertainment, even make new purchases for the holidays, all with the push of virtual buttons. Despite being cognitively mature, emotionally resilient and capable of delaying gratification, we struggle to set limits on our own usage.” –Jyothsna Bhat, PsyD

Secularism – A technologically dependent secular society sees to believe anything that is beyond understanding. Usually, it uses to perform religious service to keep distance on people’s petty ways and status battle in perspective. Not that it isn’t a good choice. But its adaptation on the modern world can somehow generate a false view of an individual’s emotional, physical, mental needs. Come to think of it. There are pornography and obscurity that seems to hide in it.

Romanticism – Romanticism tells us that individuals feel satisfied and happy together when they settle for a moderate relationship. But you see, along with the damages of social media, handling relationship can become quite tricky. There is a disaster that can destroy any strong bond due to unfettered access to everything. Well, there might be a comparison of old and new things, but it doesn’t guarantee assurance.

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Media – Perhaps it is one of the most significant representations of modernity. However, it creates a psychological imbalance due to its ability to redirect our attention to damaging things that enrage, worry, and scare us. It denies the urgency of getting any chance of effective personal, emotional, and mental action. It favors the least sides of human’s life without the consideration of balancing function with people’s struggle in a technological world.

“Technology conditions the brain to pay attention to information very differently than reading.” Jim Taylor Ph.D. said. So to answer the question if the modern world is making us ill, it is a YES!

Feeling anxious? Is the world too loud? Does no one understand? I have the perfect app for you. BetterHelp is an app that provides mental health counseling and it provides you with a better understanding of what you’re going through. You can download the app on IOS and Android!

Technology And Its Negative And Positive Impacts

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Perhaps you already know a lot about the internet of things, Big data processes, data analytics, and even software development. That is because, in today’s world, technology is the number one source of convenience and progress. It is as if it controls the whole system of the world when it comes to economic development and industrial growth. That is not all. Technology serves its purpose in providing people with convenience and advance level of function. However, there is always a downside to every inch of its development. Let’s try and talk about technology’s positive and negative impacts.

“There is also little doubt that all of the new technologies, led by the Internet, are shaping the way we think in ways obvious and subtle, deliberate and unintentional, and advantageous and detrimental.” –Jim Taylor Ph.D.


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  • One significant advantage of technology is the comfortability and access to communication. Getting in touch with friends and family, and other individuals are way more efficient and convenient nowadays. That is because some devices and applications help in providing that.
  • “I believe most of these fear-mongering claims about technology are rubbish. There are several common myths of technology addiction that deserve to be debunked by actual research.” That is according to Christopher J. Ferguson Ph.D. in clinical psychology. Technology opens an excellent possibility of earning money from working at home. It builds a connection from different people all over the world which also helps in securing the virtual working relationship. It allows a more convenient setup that focuses on the number of production instead of physical presence.
  • Brilliant use of technology also focuses on helping the business to gain competitive advantages in the market. It includes obtaining more customers, having product research, and improved services. Industries and companies are using technological strategies to win indirect and direct business operations.
  • The technology incorporated in healthcare provides the most considerable advantage of saving lives. With the assistance of advanced tools and equipment, healthcare procedures receive less delay. It also promises better results from an accurate diagnosis of signs and symptoms.
  • The most significant help of technology is educational advancement. It supports more comfortable and faster research that helps students in learning. It caters to the requirements of those people who don’t have the financial stability to support education.


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  • As much as people love technology, its capability in accessing a lot of information is dangerous. There are pornography and violence everywhere. People can use damaging information to control even the most manageable situation. 
  • Technology has a hard time processing cybersecurity. In unfortunate cases, its lack of privacy destroys people. That is because addresses and other personal information are out on the web and are a few clicks away from the keyboard.
  • With regards to web safety, some viruses penetrate any computer systems. The goal of that is to reach information beneficial for blackmail and cyber extortion. Though not all viruses are like that, the idea of its malicious inputs should never receive less attention
  • In this generation, technological damage also takes place in the form of cyberbullying. Since it is pretty much impossible to get a hold of the people behind the computer, it becomes easier for them to create massive cyber destruction. Also “It has been found that prolonged and unmonitored technology usage can impact children on the cognitive, psychosocial, and psychological levels.” says Jyothsna Bhat, PsyD.
  • As much as people rely on technological convenience, their mental state receives no quality of exemption. That is the reason why addiction becomes rampant in all aspects of innovation’s use.

The positive and negative things about technology can go on. As humans, we have to thank technology for the convenience and better way of living. But are we prepared for future destruction? Think about it.

Top Trending Technologies – The Advantage Of Advancement

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The experience of technological innovation is always advancing. There is incorporation in financial function, industrial production, gaming enhancements, and business strategies. There is no stopping the growth of multiple uses of technology. That is why even travel and education are now also part of it that receives benefits of improvements. In line with that concept, people are far more engaged in rooting for convenience as well as modernized career. But what are those technological specifications that somehow create a difference in people’s lives?

Data Integration

The advancement of transforming, extracting, and loading information generally targets the use of data warehousing and integration. Its function is to allow companies and industries to gather and transfer data from various sources, which is in a private computer system, or online access. It also includes cleaning, reformatting, and loading data in an analyzed backup system. Some best examples of its application are employee information, financial calculation, as well as direct and indirect business operations. But data integration still needs perfection. That is because it contains crucial components in the growth of marketing and business intelligence. Yes, it guarantees a smooth flow in a database. However, access, security, and functionality need to process consistencies.

Data Analytics

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Data gets produced by multiple sources. It is helpful and secures a great source of information for businesses and industries. However, it becomes useless when people cannot understand it. That is why there is data analytics. It is the representation of data at the right time, which enables people to have the most compelling insight into what they are receiving. Yes, data analytics are sometimes unreliable for some reasons. However, with the right visualization tool, business and organizations will have a chance to identify fundamental future opportunities as well as optimal business and marketing solutions.

Big Data

If you are still unaware, big data receives a lot of attention for the last few years. Perhaps that is due to the issues that incorporate with it. These include the association of storing and processing different types of information. Since there are tons of it, the impossibility is endless. Most of the companies today rely on its analytics in the aim of gaining insight about specifics such as marketing initiatives, customer needs, and product research.


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Let’s clear it first. DevOps is not a technology, but instead a practice. It aims to bring closer operation staff and software developers to work on the same specific project. That includes a collaborative manner and systematic roles for each individual. The following method of DevOps stresses in integration, communication, and collaboration of people. Its advancement benefits companies and industries with speed, reliability, scale, rapid delivery, improved collaboration, as well as security. Some of the companies that use DevOps are Facebook, Netflix, Amazon, Twitter, and Google. That is because the essential function of DevOps is to manage systems, build a career, access applications, and improve systematic infrastructure.

Understanding technology is quite impressive. Not only it makes people understand innovation better, but it also allows them to see a brighter future.

Top Trending Technologies

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Not everything in the world is constant except in the concept of change. As individuals, we adapt the changes, and that is how the world keeps on developing. The same thing applies to technological innovation, as well. There is always the latest trend in every technology because it aims to help to make the world a convenient and better place to live for humans. In line with this, here are the top trending technologies you might want to check out.

Internet Of Things – IoT has been a hot topic in this tech-driven era. It consists of a definite framework of multiple-cloud computing, backed up with a flawless combination of activators and sensors. With all the innovations in the environment around us, IoT is making the network of anonymous devices a bucket of reality. These include smart wearable devices, smart cities, and manufacturing industries. The Internet of things is expanding itself to a variety of significant areas as well, where it provides useful applications. This includes home automation, security solutions, healthcare, and home appliances access. Who knows? It might reach a different level in the next few years by managing city transportation systems as well as power grids.

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Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality – The definition of VR is the use of technology that creates a computer-based simulated environment. It can be an actual place or animated scene photographed and gets integrated into a VR application. The person can move, look around, and view everything as if he is physically there. The idea is the exploration of places that a person has never been to. It can include different countries, specific location up in the mountains, as well as rovers in the outer space. AR, on the other hand, is a better-enhanced version of VR. It functions with the use of digital information. It is where both the virtual world and reality comes into one place. The best example for this is the game called Pokémon Go. Both serve the idea of enhancing an individual’s experience in industrial and gaming purposes.

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Cyber Security – Since there is a massive growth of the digital world, there is an adequate threat of cyber-attacks which can sometimes be hard to determine. These attacks include attempting to access specific and sensitive information and aim to change or destroy it. There are instances that some hackers will want to take advantage of the information and use it to gain financial benefit. Thus, the importance of protecting cybersecurity is a must. Cybersecurity protects data, digital services, and daily systems. Businesses and large industries should need it to counter all damaging digital threats. But note. There is a high demand for understanding basic to complex cyber issues to identify and resolve every piece of it completely.

These are only some of the few examples of the top trending technologies you might get interested with. There are still more from where it came from. Stay tuned on the next list that I will prepare for you.

How Smartphones Affects Your Body And Brain

Honestly, all people will agree that technology is one of the most useful inventions ever created. And along with the internet, everything is quite possible these days. However, a lot of experts and professionals would not recommend someone to spend a lot of his time engaging in technology. That is primarily on devices that have the potential to harm the well-being of a person such as smartphones. No one would genuinely need a confirmation from a therapist or psychologist that too much usage of this gadget is terrible for someone’s health because the parameters are way too obvious.

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The Effects

A lot of people who are in between 18 to 64 fall asleep while holding their smartphones regardless of the study that it can disrupt the body’s biorhythms. People are not concern enough to think that too much usage of it causes the brain to malfunction. With this, we tried collecting terrifying and surprising consequences of too much smartphone usage during the night.

Julia Hogan, LCPC once said that “The amount of sleep you get and the quality of that sleep can actually affect your physical and mental health in ways you don’t anticipate.” It is natural for the body and brain to follow a rhythm or cycle of sleep as well as wakeful state. That is because a complete rest is necessary to bring back the energy of these two so they can function during the day time. However, when there is constant exposure to the light of the smartphone, especially when it is dark, the brain and body feel the same effect of the sun. With that particular instance, the brain starts to decrease its melatonin production. It is the hormones that are essential in keeping the mind and body asleep. When there is a decrease in melatonin, the body’s capability to fight cancer and other diseases also slow down. Therefore, when an individual keeps on using his phone at night, it confuses the brain and thinks that the light is from the day. Thus, it will not sleep. That is the reason why even if the body demands rest, the brain does not allow it.

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Another thing that happens when there is too much usage of smartphones at night is the accumulation of toxins in the brain. That is because, during the day, the whole system accumulates neurotoxins or the organic compounds that are lethal to the peripheral and central nervous system. Therefore, even if the human body contains tons of intelligent mechanisms that fight free radicals; it will not quickly get rid of the toxic substances when there is no long phase of rest and sleep. The sleep gets disturbed and broken. As a result, an individual suffers from headache, exhaustion, tiredness, as well as stress. With that, it is vital to get at least 7 to 9 hours of sleep per day. Because otherwise, the body will not get purified from neurotoxins, and the neurons of the brain will not have time to regenerate. The “inability to sleep at night and/or a feeling of detachment could be signs that your anxiety is in fact, a mental health disorder.” Wendy Iglehart MA, LCPC, LLC expresses.

What people do not entirely care about is the brain’s focus to receive new information. That is no wonder it gets overloaded in the morning. It suffers from a difficulty processing everything an individual tries to learn and understand during the day. And since too much usage of the device encourages a harmful effect, it makes the brain lose its potential to retain memory. Therefore, there is a tendency that the already existing information will become harder to remember. The mind becomes untidy and overflowing as well, which makes it harder for it to gather and store additional data. With that particular state, the brain, along with the body, will drastically require extra time and effort only to obtain the desired memory enhanced result.

People also know that too much smartphone usage causes vision disorder where the blue light from the device negatively impacts the eye’s retina. That is when smartphones are being used in the darkness. The eye structures become irritated. The damaging effects are gradual. However, some cases can lead to almost blindness.

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The Predictable Reality

“Sleep helps your brain work properly. While you’re sleeping, your brain processes complex stimuli.” Staci Lee Schnell, MS, CS, LMFT said. Perhaps a lot of people would say that they only check their Facebook feed for a couple of minutes before they go to sleep. Or maybe scan some Instagram photos and all. After that, they promise themselves to go back to sleep once all done. But the sad truth is, every time they get to their senses, it is already morning. It means this state makes people captive with their device. That is why they spend more time with their electronic gadgets and sleep fewer at night.

Electronic Screen Syndrome: How It Can Affect Our Mental Health

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We can say that technology has dramatically affected the way we live. It is ever growing and changing while our body and minds couldn’t keep up with it. It harms our mind, our psychology, on us physically and especially our children. We might not have noticed it, but our kids are different due to these technological advancements called gadgets.

Continue reading “Electronic Screen Syndrome: How It Can Affect Our Mental Health”

Mental Health At Work: Things To Remember

A recent study shows that the common cause of stress for many people has something to do with their working conditions – it can be because of the work environment or their colleagues. This fact or truth does not come as a surprise, especially for someone like you has experienced some issues at work. It can be hard to try to balance your desire to succeed in your career while trying to make an effort to improve your mental health. The reality is that there are times when your work may demand too much from you to the point that you forget to prioritize yourself or even share quality time with your family members.


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“If you find yourself avoiding parties, work gatherings, or even your own friends and family, there may be a fear of judgment or underlying feelings of inadequacy.”  Dr. Marisa Alter, PsyD, a clinical psychologist explains. In this article, we are going to provide you with some tips and tricks on how to survive the different problems that you may encounter in your workplace. Before anything else, it is essential for you to understand the reality that you have what it takes to take control of whatever happens in your life. You need to understand this so that it will be easier for you to control your thoughts and actions as you continue to go to work every day and deal with different people. Here are the practical things to keep in mind:


Assess Your Current Work Situation


The initial step that you have to do is to look at your current work status. Do you love what you do? Are you happy whenever your boss gives you a task? Do you feel great when a colleague recognizes your excellent outputs or reports? If you answer yes to all these inquiries, then consider it as a good indication that you have a wonderful job. There may be instances when you would feel stress or anxiety, but they are only normal. With a proper mindset, you can eventually get over them.


Do Not Be Afraid To Quit


On the other hand, if you believe that your work is taking a toll in your life, then maybe it is time to give up. Do not stick with a job that you dislike or one that makes you unhappy just because you are afraid that it will ruin your future. At this point, it is vital to emphasize that your mental health is superior above all else. Never put yourself in a sad, compromising situation where you are always stressed or anxious. Failure to do this can lead to some disorders such as depression.


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Avoid Toxic People


If you want to experience and have a peace of mind, be sure to keep yourself away from toxic people. These are the individuals who keep on comparing themselves to you. At the same time, they are the ones who continue to talk behind your workmates’ backs. Keep in mind that the mere fact that they do it to others means that there is a possibility that they will also do it to you. Take note that their toxicity may affect you in so many ways. They can also influence your mood or attitude, which is why you need to be separate from them so that you can still be happy. “When trying to keep a positive attitude, you must avoid people who thrive on negativity,” says Fran Walfish, PsyD.


Take A Break


One of the crucial things that you must never forget is the importance of taking a mental health day every now and then. Whenever you feel that you are under a lot of stress and pressure, then be sure to take a vacation away from work. Go to a nearby town or travel to a different country. Do whatever it takes to make yourself feel good again. Traveling to new places may be costly, but you will be surprised by how amazing it can get. Every trip provides you with an opportunity to start a new and be happier. Note that“ Vacations are coping mechanisms that help us adapt to the everyday stresses in our lives.” John Mayer, PhD said


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Work is not supposed to weigh you down, but instead, uplift your soul or spirit. Make sure to think of your welfare instead of the work opportunities that come your way. No amount of money is enough to allow yourself to have a problem with your mental health. Once you realize that your poor working conditions will never change in the next future, then do not be afraid to quit. Look for another job – one that will not make you feel anxious or stressed.

But if you can cope, cope like this: therapy in your own room at a very affordable price. BetterHelp is an app that gives access to therapy and counseling at the tip of your fingers. Go on, try it out and get better help.