Counseling For Social Media Addiction

Technology has been on the rise, and there is no stopping it. Years from now, humanity will become more dependent on machines more than ever. One proof of that theory is the generation today, where we can all see how people are tied up with the use of the internet and their smartphones. That explains why everyone is so hooked on social media. But what makes social media so special that a lot of individuals can’t seem to resist it?


Social media provides many benefits, especially in terms of communication, awareness, and community engagements. It supports a wide spread of information. Social media helps uncover real-time trends in the industry and provides better consumer analysis and improved customer service. It also helps small businesses in the proper scaling of their competition. Social media improves worldwide connection that brings economic sustainability.

But there is always a different side to everything. While social media contributes a lot in industrial and economic aspects, it influences individuals’ lives negatively. It specifically adds to people’s mental and emotional stress.

Draining The Lives Of The Majority People

Yes, social media is slowly draining the life out of people. That is due to the addiction they often do not notice they have. It refers to the compulsive and excessive use of social media since it is often rewarding. Unfortunately, most of these things are only relatable yet useless in real life. But since it is accessible, people look at it as a source of leisure. So whether people agree or not, they turn to social media because they think it is worth their time.

People spent most of their time posting and scrolling through viral posts, quotes, images, video clips. It can take them a minimum of 4 hours to 12 hours just looking through their phones. With this time spent, there are a lot of things that get left behind. Some of these are daily chores in the house, assignments at school, and take-home tasks from the office.


Limiting Personal Information

Social media addiction can cause a wide variety of issues due to sharing of too much information. People do not realize that social media is somehow creating pressure for them to disclose personal information on the web. That is especially when other individuals who view, comment, and like their status show interest in their lives.

Though sometimes there is not much to worry about, since not all individuals are entitled to share personal details, there are still people who think that the more they open up about their lives, the more people like them. That particular type of engagement is dangerous as others might use it to take advantage.

Wanting To Live The Perfect Lives Of Others

Social media is a great way to express thoughts and feelings, communicate with other people, and share quality information. However, most people do not see it that way. For most times, it has been an avenue for a societal standard of life. There is so much about traveling to different places, dining in luxurious restaurants, wearing beautiful clothes, showing off some latest gadgets, etc. It is as if social media became the home of perfection where the only people that deserve to get too much attention are those who can afford to live an amazing life.

The picture-perfect lives of strangers are what make others feel a little sad about theirs. There is this jealousy buildup that makes people want to live the lives of others. It creates emotional and mental instability as the desire to go intense.

Bombarding Information That Are Often Fake

One thing about social media is its influence on the opinions and beliefs of people receiving the information. In a limited view, social media delivers useful and valid information that helps individuals daily. These include news from local and international guidelines. However, since there is not much system that checks some of the information handed out to the public, people deal with stress about what’s real and what is not.

The worse thing about it is that everything from there becomes their reality when people are addicted to social media. They fail to create a right judgment on what they read on their news feed. People become gullible. Thus, they should check the news with a few outlets or sources that are trustworthy.


Final Thoughts

Social media can be both bad and good, depending on the people who associate with it. But it would be nice if every individual uses social media for the sole purpose of connecting with family and friends and building strong relationships with other people. There should be a responsible sharing of important information and using it for spreading awareness. Individuals should use social media positively to avoid getting stressed, anxious, and depressed.


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