Four Key Roles Of Technology During The COVID-19 Pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic has taken a toll on every country. Now, we live in a new normal where strict compliance with social distancing is crucial in keeping the virus from spreading. The need to stay away from each other physically created barriers against ease of communication, data collection, and information dissemination. Technology defies all these walls. Suddenly, technology is what keeps the world running.

All sectors of society have turned to technology to win the battle against COVID-19. Aside from communication, technology, together with its advancement, has been one of the most valuable resources today. We listed four key roles where technology has become helpful during this pandemic.

Information Dissemination


Strict social distancing has resulted in a change in how the news is collected and disseminated. Because of the risk of acquiring the virus, fewer men are sent to the field to gather information. However, technology has allowed information to travel fast, even with fewer human resources.

The pandemic showed us that news anchors could deliver information even from their houses. We have also seen how interviews can now be done through video conferencing while simultaneously broadcasting. The ease of information transfer is possible because of the internet. Nowadays, we no longer receive the news through newspapers nor the television; we now utilize social media and messaging applications to receive and transfer information.

Data Gathering And Processing


Data collection is essential during the pandemic. The health sector has to identify the people infected by the virus, their location, and the people they were in contact with. Employing contact tracing will help control the proliferation of the infection. Several mobile application developers have created a more efficient and convenient way to do this.

Mobile applications can now track and trace people who are  COVID-19 patients and those who were in contact with them. Mobile apps save authorities time from interviewing the patient and trying to look for people who may have contracted the virus.

Aside from contact tracing, technology has been useful in processing the data collected. Data processing is as necessary as the data gathered. The aid of technology during the pandemic may be in determining the number of patients infected or creating projections to help the government to prepare for what else could come.

The influx of patients in hospitals and the risks it imposes to patients have also been a problem for the health sector. To lessen the risk of infection, consulting a doctor is now done with the help of technology. Because of the pandemic, patients are encouraged to consult their doctors through calls or mobile applications.

Patients who are not in critical condition may now stay and treat their health at home. Staying at home decreased the possibility of being infected or even spreading the virus. The advancement of technology has made more efficient and effective ways of dealing with the pandemic.

Economic Progress


The requirement to stay at home for work has been more natural because of technology. Industries that can function from remote areas can still operate during the pandemic. The survival of businesses is vital to keep the economy afloat. Moreover, this allows people to keep their jobs and provide for their families. Technology will enable employees to perform during these trying times. Some companies have even offered gadgets to make work from home arrangement productive.

The pandemic also created an increase in demand for foodservice providers. The order to stay at home encouraged more people to subscribe to not only food delivery services but also those applications which allow you to purchase groceries online and have them delivered right at your doorstep. Life in quarantine has become more convenient because of these service providers that are also powered by technology.

Keeping In Touch


Weeks in isolation might be difficult for our mental health. Even if we have been using technology to communicate, primarily through our smartphones, the need to stay in touch with our loved ones has become more evident more than ever. Technology has made connecting with our families and friends from all over the world possible.

The COVID-19 pandemic is not only a challenge to the health sector. Erwin Tan, M.D., says that “Family and friends will need to work together to make sure they can remain connected without exposing each other to COVID-19. Look at your schedule and identify social connections that might be disrupted during an outbreak and consider alternative solutions to stay connected.”

With this in mind, everyone needs to contribute to our fight against COVID-19. Together, with the aid of technology, we will emerge triumphantly.

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